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The Pollination Project: Diana Lofflin, StrawFree.org

StrawFree.org is an organization dedicated to the elimination of plastic straws—one bamboo straw at a time. Diana Lofflin, StrawFree.org founder, was moved to action after seeing the amount of plastic straws picked up at local beach cleanups. In fact, more than 500,000,000 straws are used each day in the United States.   Read Article

Huffington Post: This Week In Daily Giving

Diana Lofflin, strawfree.org, Huntington Beach, California, USA. Educational booths at schools and local events encourage individuals and businesses to refuse plastic straws and reuse local bamboo straws, with all proceeds going towards outreach efforts.

Huntington Beach to Become State’s First Plastic Straw-Free City?

The Pollination Project, a nonprofit that gives $1,000 a day to individual "change-makers" worldwide, recently awarded a grant to Diana Lofflin, the founder of StrawFree.org. Her Huntington Beach ocean conservation group wants plastic straws exchanged out in the city in favor of "alternative, more sustainable solutions."   Read Article

StrawFree.org receives $1000 grant from The Pollination Project

StrawFree.org receives $1000 grant from the Pollination Project  StrawFree.org team at an outreach event in Dana Point, CA. We are SO excited to announce that StrawFree.org received a $1,000 grant from the Pollination Project. Thanks to the Pollination Project, we now have some seed money to advance our mission to make oceans #strawfree and [...]

Strawfree.org Attends Plastic Ocean Art Exhibit at UC Irvine

StrawFree.org Attends Plastic Ocean Art Exhibit at UC Irvine The Plastic Ocean Art Exhibit will be on display at University of California, Irvine’s Student Center until February 13, 2017. Plastic Ocean Artist, Bonnie Monteleone (right), and StrawFree.org founder, Diana Lofflin, pose with a bamboo straw. As soon as you take the first step [...]

Jahlia’s Drinks and StrawFree at Lightning in a Bottle – May 24 – 29

Jahlia's Drinks and StrawFree at Lightning in a Bottle - May 24 - 29 Jahlia's Drinks and StrawFree.org is going to be a vendor at this years Lightning in a Bottle music festival! The booth will feature organic homemade lemonade and StrawFree.org reusable bamboo straws. Yum ~ We hope you come out to drink lemonade enjoy awesome music with [...]

Five Zero-Waste Resolutions for the New Year

Consider participating in a beach clean-up to ring in the New Year. Plastic straws are one of the top ten items found during beach clean-ups. Five Zero-Waste Resolutions for the New Year With the ringing in of the New Year, many people have committed to resolutions. With the reality of climate change being ever more apparent [...]

New Years Resolution: Give Up Plastic Straws

New Years Resolution: Give Up Plastic Straws Our oceans are riddled with waste and plastic that does not degrade over time. In fact, plastic breaks down into microscopic pieces that make it easy for ocean wildlife to consume which eventually makes its way back to our food systems. One of the most found plastic items [...]

Straw Free’s Zero Waste Guide for the Holidays + a Giveaway

Straw Free's Zero Waste Guide for the Holidays + a Giveaway The holidays are a wonderful time to send gifts to your loved ones and to spend time with family, but amongst the holiday cheer, we often forget the amount of waste that gets left behind. Here are Straw Free’s recommendations for a zero-waste holiday (plus details on our [...]