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Why Go Straw Free?

Every day we make choices; most of which are automatic, that we make without deliberation.

By committing to make one small change — refusing single-use plastic  straws — you are making a deliberate choice that brings us one step closer to a healthier planet.

About StrawFree.org

StrawFree.org is an  organization based in southern California. We are committed to promoting a plastic-free lifestyle through the elimination of single-use plastic straws.

Our goal is to build awareness about the impacts of plastic straws on the environment through educational materials, outreach to businesses, and through the development of alternative solutions including bamboo straws.

What’s New?

Straw Free Bamboo Straws For Sale

Go Bamboo!

The creators of StrawFree.org have developed an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws — bamboo straws. Each straw is unique and handcrafted using locally harvested bamboo.

By harvesting local ornamental bamboo, StrawFree.org is preventing landfill waste. 

Bamboo is not able to be composted in municipal composting facilities as it does not decompose at the same rate as other plant materials.

Buy Bamboo Straws

About Us

Our volunteers and organizers spend countless hours conducting educational events, making bamboo straws, and designing outreach materials.

Why are we so committed to this cause?

We thought it would be most interesting to let each of them explain — in their own words.

Diana Lofflin Founder of StrawFree.org

“This project is motivated by the magnitude of the global plastic problem. I  am passionate about the ocean and I regularly participate in beach clean-ups. What’s shocking is that plastic straws make up the majority of the collected trash. Coupled with the recent viral video of the Costa Rican team removing a straw from a turtle’s nose, I realized that now is the time to empower individuals to make a difference and let them know that they can transform our world.”

Diana Lofflin
Founder of StrawFree.org

Benjamin Green - Director of Operations StrawFree.org

“Mankind has introduced an insurmountable volume of single use products to our planet. Once discarded, these unnecessary luxuries will exist well beyond my daughter’s lifetime. The earth will eventually reclaim everything, but at a great cost. While we wait for nature to runs its course, these compounds are wreaking havoc on the environment and eventually working their way into our food chain. Single use plastic straws have become commonplace in human society because we are not looking around and seeing what impacts they have. Once the proof of this problem started washing up on the shores of my local beach, I realized it was time to change perceptions one straw at a time.”

Benjamin Green
Director of Operations


“Just like plastic bags, straws are another single use product that can easily be replaced with more sustainable alternatives. A lot of people know that there is a global plastic problem but no one talks about it. I joined Straw Free in hopes of being able to start a conversation on the environmental impacts of single-use plastic and to empower individuals to be more active in making greener decisions.”

Vanida Ngeam
Education and Outreach Intern

Alyssa Catolico Straw Free Volunteer

“The amount of problems we have within the protection of our environment can look to be so overwhelming that we’d rather let the burdens fall on someone else’s shoulder. However, this project is fueled by you, by me, and by our community. The passion one can hold for protecting our nature’s sanctuaries drive projects like these. Such a small change in your lifestyle, for instance saying no to a plastic straw, can be your impact. ”

Alyssa Catolico
Education and Outreach Intern

“The harm plastic pollution causes on the earth and all of its inhabitants is immense. It has made its way into almost every part of our environment, is littered across the bottom of oceans, and mistakenly and unknowingly consumed by animals and humans.  Plastics are now considered the number one pollutant in the human body. I believe refusing single-use plastic straws is one small action everyone can take which collectively can have an enormous effect on reducing plastic pollution. I joined Straw Free to educate and be an advocate for a greener, healthier, more sustainable lifestyle so that as a community we can make a positive impact on the planet and future generations.”

Isaac Hall
Business Outreach Specialist

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