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Joshua Tree Music Festival – Oct 5-8

Joshua Tree Music Festival - Oct 5-8 Quench your thirst with Jahlia's hand-crafted drinks as you enjoy the inclusive, ecstatic experience that is...the Joshua Tree Music Festival. Jahlia's Drinks has committed to going #strawfree to bring awareness about the growing plastic pollution problem. StrawFree.org will have hand-made bamboo straws that will go well with you custom 'dirty hippie.' [...]

Community Spotlight: Congruent Digital Commits to Going #StrawFree

Community Spotlight: Congruent Digital Commits to Going #StrawFree Brian Jensen, owner of Congruent Digital, sharing his passion for the ocean with his son. What does it take for someone to shift from passive observer to passionate advocate? In this Q&A we talk with Brian Jensen, the owner of Congruent Digital. Congruent Digital is [...]

A campaign to eliminate plastic straws is sucking in thousands of converts

Diana Lofflin, founder of a group called Straw Free, said the turtle video inspired her year-old organization. Her volunteers persuaded California’s Joshua Tree Music Festival to go straw-free in May. They also knock on the doors of Orange County, Calif., homeowners who grow bamboo to ask whether they can harvest a little and make reusable [...]

Could this be the last straw for plastic straws in Berkeley?

With an anti-straw proposal being floated by several members of the city council this week, the more-politically-correct-than-thou residents of this East Bay burg may soon join a statewide trend to get rid of the plastic tubes that help us all just suck it up.

Berkeley To Consider Banning Plastic Straws

Berkeley residents already paying a little more for their soda-taxed beverages may soon have to enjoy their drinks without the aid of an environmental menace: the plastic straw.

The StrawFree.org Team Tried to Go A Week Without Plastic

The StrawFree.org Team Tried to Go A Week Without Plastic Plastic is a problem. Our world has become one that lives, breathes, and eats (yes, eats) plastics. We use plastic for packaging, storage, clothes, hygiene, cooking, technology, the list goes on. It’s hard to think of an industry that doesn’t use plastic in some way, [...]

Put down your plastic straws, group urges

The ancient Sumerians, in creating the first straw, probably rejoiced at their ingenuity. But thousands of years later, straws are made of plastic, and they pose a danger to marine life. They have ended up in the noses of turtles, leading to, when humans intervene to help, painful removals. The animals often mistake plastic bags [...]

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